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 One of the important directions of our activity is construction of stands on individual projects.

It is no secret that the design of the exhibition stand in many respects is guarantee of your success at an exhibition. To help you with a choice of design of the stand professional architects work for us. They are always ready to develop the project of the stand on the basis of your wishes and the allocated budget, to give advice at the choice of idea of the project, to design of the stand, selection of materials for registration of your stand. Use of the last achievements in the field of exhibition technologies allows us to create stands of any spatial configuration, and use of modern materials will make your stand at an exhibition the best.

Realization of the model of the stand in the 3D allows you to look at a design stage at the stand from any kinds  and, if necessary, to bring necessary editing in the project.

Fine equipment of our department of exhibition design, high professionalism of architects and designers, existence of own production base is pledge of that having come to an exhibition, you will see the stand just the same what saw it on the computer screen.

At construction of individual stands we use LDSP, MDF, a laminate, various plasticity, color plexiglas and polycarbonate, a bent and welded metalwork, fabrics, banners, a stretch form, volume letters, the shining logos and other materials. As a basis at construction of the stand we often use the exhibition MAXIMA profile, MERO design, system the JOKER, two-storeyed designs of OCTANORM firm, various suspended systems. You can look at examples of implementation of our projects in gallery.