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 The main direction of our activity is construction and registration of exhibitions. Thus we build both stands of a standard of a standard complete set, and complete set "the standard +".

Opportunities of the company are allowed to give you a full range of services in construction and registration of exhibitions of any subject.

The list of services includes ours:


  • delivery of the exhibition equipment;
  • marking of an exhibition area;
  • flooring carpet;
  • installation of exhibition designs;
  • electric installation work (installation of lamps, searchlights, sockets, etc.);
  • installation of furniture (tables, chairs, combinet furniture, etc.);
  • art and dekorative works (drawing frieze inscriptions, pasting of the planes a film like ORACAL, production of the color press, etc.).

Besides, in addition we can offer you in rent of video and audio the equipment, the press on a banner or a banner grid, various lighting equipment, performance of suspended works, production of volume letters and logos.


According to your desire our designers can develop the art concept of your exhibition, registration of a main entrance, to design a scene and to perform other works on art and planning registration of an exhibition necessary for you.

From the very beginning of the activity our company cooperates with one of the leading German companies-"OCTANORM", and in the work we generally use the exhibition equipment of this firm. Other exhibition designer whom we use, the analog of the Finnish designer of  "CONSTA" is.

It is possible to look at examples of model standard stands, "standard +" stands, the equipment used by us and examples of registration of a main entrance in appropriate sections.